Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 22nd February 2018 Written Update

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 22nd February 2018 Written Update by Amena

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 22nd February 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anami calling Adhiraj and asking him to meet. She gets ready and smiles. Poonam teases her that she is in love. Satrupa keeps Vatsalya and Anami’s pics. Baldev comes and says thanks. She asks why. He says for giving me such a sensible daughter, I was so wrong, she is a diamond. She says I m also proud of her. He says but I will always regret, I didn’t talk to her well and she has always forgiven me, she had same respect for me, its her values that makes her different, I m her father but I learnt valuing relations from her. She says I did many mistakes and hurt this family a lot.

He says I never tried to understand you, else happiness would have come in our lives before. She says its not late. He says I promise I will make a new start and not repeat my mistakes

ever. They hug. She says I will make old relations fine, join broken hearts, apologize to many people, I misbehaved with Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks Anami to say why is she worried. She says I lied to everyone. He says we lied but can’t hide truth for long, Sudha has murder charges. She says we will tell everything to Lal mahal members. He says right, what are you thinking now. She says even after all this, everything got fine between me and Satrupa, I mean my Maa, I don’t want to spoil things by lying, I want to say truth. He holds her hand and says look Anami, you know truth, tell her what’s in your heart, Satrupa is your mum, she will understand.
Satrupa comes to Narottam. She sees him packing clothes. She says you maybe thinking why I came here, to apologize, frankly I just hated you, you reminded me Baldev’s relation with Sudha, I punished you for Sudha’s mistakes, I couldn’t accept you. He says its world’s custom, coming generation has to pay for old generation’s mistakes. She says you are very sensible, Sudha is your mum. He says no, she wasn’t my mum, she was just a greedy person, she didn’t value her son, I was just a ladder to her dreams. She asks where are you going. He says leaving this house forever, I don’t want past to come out in front of anyone. She says you saved this family, you got me and Anami close, I won’t let you know. He says let me go, these four walls remind me of Sudha, I want to go away, don’t stop me. He thinks of Sudha’s words and says I was never part of this family, I was always an outsider. She asks are you going as I didn’t accept you. He says nothing like that. She says Baldev has relation with you, you are his blood, stay here, I will get Baldev. She goes. He goes out with his bag and sees Anami.

She asks are you leaving me, can I know the reason. He says I have no reason to stay here. She says when Satrupa is accepting you, why are you going. He says this was Sudha’s wish, now she isn’t here so there is no wish. She says you did what you wanted, you supported family, you did what was right, this family needs you, please stay back. He says no, I can’t stop, I don’t want anyone to use my weakness again, I have no courage. She says Sudha misused your loneliness, Satrupa is not such, I know her. He says I can’t become her son, I don’t deserve it. She asks what do you mean. He says Sudha and Purushottam were behind Vatsalya’s accident. She gets shocked.

He says I don’t know how shall I meet Satrupa’s eyes. She asks till when will you run from this truth, this secret will just be between us. He asks till when. She says forever. He says I won’t lie. She says I m asking you to hide truth, in Gita, when Arjun was not able to decide right and wrong, Krishna told him if your intentions are wrong, don’t listen to your confusion, just do what you feel important, I promise I will get justice for Vatsalya. She takes his bag. He cries.

Anami calls Adhiraj and asks where are you. He says I m going to take Madhu and Murari. She asks him to meet. He asks her to meet at cafe. Dheeru calls out Tanya and says there is good news, Adhiraj got promotion, he will have meetings with big officers, prepare to leave, there is much packing. She asks do we need to shift. He says we will go together, I know you are attached to this place, but we just got problems here, don’t get upset, its your brother’s promotion, make some sweets.

At cafe, Adhiraj asks Anami what happened. She says matter is such, Vatsalya’s accident was someone’s plotting, Sudha and Purushottam did that. He says I had doubt on them, but I didn’t get evidence against them, who told you. She says Narottam told me, he was leaving Lal mahal. She tells everything. She says I don’t want anyone to know that Narottam knew everything before. He says we have one way to make Sudha admit crime. She asks do you think she will admit. He says its not easy, I know how to make her admit, did you talk to Satrupa. She says no. He says talk to Satrupa, I will handle Sudha.

Someone comes home at night. He enters Lal Mahal..

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  1. JR
    February 22, 12:57 Reply

    In my above comment, Never mind the typo errors/ it is the crazy feature of iPhone to complete or change the words to whatever it thinks it right. And it happens too fast before one can catch it

  2. JR
    February 22, 12:55 Reply

    This is a great storyline and the creators should continue it
    Anami and Adhiraj are a very good pair- their relationship should be explored, so also that if Narottam in Laal Mehal, with Vatsalya a back it it could be more interesting
    Anami’s relationship with her real parents and her adoptive parents brother …..lots of possibilities
    This was much better than Rita Kapoor’s mindless storylines that would drive people to the brink
    Adhiraj and Amani are casted very well and they are both tremendous actors and their onscreen chemistry is excellent …and I could go on and on

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